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EasCorp’s 40th Annual Meeting and Partnership Conference

EasCorp’s 40th Annual Meeting and Partnership Conference will take place on Thursday, May 3, in Burlington, Massachusetts. Join us to review our financial position and business strategies; to share in cheerful celebration of our credit union community; and, to enjoy insightful presentations on the theme "A Roar or a Whisper: Finding Voice in the Digital Age." For more information or to register, please visit the News & Events page.

The "Sole" of the CU Kids at Heart® Team: Its Credit Unions

The Credit Unions Kids at Heart® runners and racers know that a good sneaker—one that provides support and stability—is only as good as its sole. A good sneaker is tailored to your body's needs; it responds to your gait, and adapts to your pace. It's the sneaker you wear on your first training day, and the one you sport on marathon day. The sole, and soul, of the CU Kids at Heart Team are its credit union Corporate Sponsors and its Participating Credit Unions. Read more in this month's edition of Inside EasCorp.

Market Commentary
U.S. Capital-Equipment Orders Rebound After Declines

Orders placed with U.S. factories for business equipment snapped back in February after two months of declines, consistent with steady manufacturing growth, a Commerce Department report showed Friday.

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EasCorp's Monthly Newsletter
March 2018

Featured this month: Vertifi technology news, information on the GDPR, honoring the "sole" of the CU Kids at Heart Team, and more