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Registration for EasCorp's 2017 ALM Academy is Now Open

The 2017 ALM Academy is scheduled for March 28-29, at the Babson Executive Conference Center in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Detailed agendas, course descriptions, and registration form are located within the "News & Events." For more information, visit the "ALM Academy website."

Ease-Sweep Account Gets a Bounce

As expected, the Federal Reserve Bank's Open Market Committee raised the rate it pays banks for excess reserves during December. 

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Market Commentary
Yellen Backs Gradual Rate Rises as Fed Not Behind the Curve

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen backed a strategy for gradually raising interest rates, arguing that the central bank wasn’t behind the curve in containing inflation pressures but nevertheless can’t afford to allow the economy to run too hot.

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January 2017

Ease-Sweep Account Gets a Bounce