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Liquidity Planning - Testing Your Credit Lines

As summer approaches, now is a good time to exercise your credit lines to make sure that they are easily accessible in case they are needed. Performing a test under non-stressful conditions enables you to identify maintenance issues so that you are not delayed from borrowing in an emergency. Things to keep up to date include: reviewing the list of authorized representatives (against the lender's list), authentication credentials, and collateral requirements. Indeed, best practices include annual testing of credit lines as part of the credit union's liquidity policy.

By actually taking down a small advance, $1,000, for a short period, you can demonstrate readiness to borrow at a moment's notice.

If you would like to test your EasCorp Open-End Credit, please contact Andrea McManus at amcmanus@eascorp.org or 781-994-3325.

Modernizing the Check Adjustment Process

There is important news for users of Vertifi’s Image Cash Letter processing programs, including DeposZip remote deposit capture. Read the full story in this month's edition of Inside EasCorp.

The 2015 Financial Audit Report is Now Available

EasCorp's 2015 audited financial report is now available online. The report is contained within the Due Diligence section of the About Us menu and may be accessed by anyone having an EasCorp- or Vertifi-authorized digital certificate.

Market Commentary
Treasuries Gain as Brexit Vote Damps Bets on Higher U.S. Rates

Treasuries rallied for a second day as investors sought the safest assets following the U.K.’s unexpected decision to leave the European Union.

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June 2016

Modernizing the Check Adjustment Process

"Our mission is to support credit unions in ways that enable consumers to rely upon them for all their financial services needs."