About Us

EasCorp was formed in 1978 by visionary leaders who understood the value of a company that is owned by credit unions and operated for their exclusive benefit.  EasCorp is a corporate credit union that is supervised and examined by the National Credit Union Administration.  Together with its subsidiary, Vertifi Software, LLC, EasCorp provides the credit union community a variety of deposit, loan and investment services; ALM modeling and consulting; ACH processing; image cash letter processing, including branch and remote deposit capture for both consumers and businesses; share draft clearing; correspondent services; mobile banking; and statement rendering services.  Credit unions favor EasCorp for its superior products and services, while maintaining complete confidence in its financial strength and durability.

With a track record of embracing new technologies, EasCorp ensures that credit unions have access to cutting-edge funds management and e-services at affordable prices.  At EasCorp, our mission is to support credit unions in ways that enable consumers to rely upon them for all their financial services needs.