Automated Clearing House (ACH) Receipt and Return

EasCorp's ACH Receipt and Return Programs deliver your credit union's ACH transaction files safely and conveniently through the company's secure Internet portal.

Each day EasCorp receives your ACH transactions from the Federal Reserve Bank and makes the transaction details available to your credit union for download, following which they are transferred to your data processing system for posting. ACH detail reports can also be downloaded for archive and research purposes in portable document format (PDF).

If an ACH payment needs to be returned, or if account information for a transaction needs modification requiring a notification of change (NOC) to be sent, our return/NOC service enables you to process these items electronically. You simply tag returns and NOCs using the transaction date and item tracer through our online system. Alternatively, if your data processing system can create a NACHA-94 formatted ACH Return and NOC file, you can upload return and NOC items to us, saving additional time and effort. EasCorp sends return/NOC items to the Federal Reserve Bank for further notification to the Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI).

EasCorp has AAP accredited professionals on staff to answer your ACH questions. What's more, they lead regular, in-person and web-based meetings in advance of ACH rule updates in order to prepare you for impending changes.