Cash Management Services

Daily Transaction Account

A transaction account for your ongoing financial settlements. Learn More

Sweep Accounts

At the end of each business day, EasCorp automatically sweeps funds from your Daily Transaction Account to one of several overnight investment accounts, enabling you to manage your liquidity and maximize return.

  • Ease-Sweep Account – A high-performance cash management account at EasCorp for putting your credit union’s excess liquidity to work each night. Learn More
  • Excess Balance Account – A limited-purpose account for maintaining excess balances in an interest-earning account at the Federal Reserve Bank. Learn More

Wire Transfer Services

EasCorp's Wire Transfer service enables you and your members to transfer money anywhere in the world through secure Internet portals, including the International Payments Network. Learn More

Coin & Currency

EasCorp’s Coin & Currency Service offers safe and efficient online systems for managing all your coin and currency needs. The service enables credit unions to order cash for 2-day delivery through the Federal Reserve Bank and establish a set schedule for their orders to be placed automatically on a recurring basis. Cash may be ordered for and/or returned from branches, ATMs, VTMs/ITMs, kiosks, or other cash-dispensing facilities. Learn More