Instant Payments

The FedNow® Service is live! This instant payments rail operated by the Federal Reserve provides a modern, safe, and efficient platform that credit unions, banks and others can use to innovate and offer a variety of use cases for their members and customers.

EasCorp and Vertifi are proud to be early adopters of the FedNow Service with capabilities live today. Explore EasCorp's Instant Payments Academy designed to prepare credit unions for the FedNow Service and Instant Payments.

For its member credit unions ready to adopt the FedNow Service, EasCorp offers an Instant Payments Settlement Solution, a daily transaction account to settle FedNow Service credits and debits either independent of or absent their own Federal Reserve Master Account. A user-friendly administrative portal ensures easy balancing and management of liquidity. Credit unions throughout the United States who are not yet members may join EasCorp with a minimum prefunding amount to benefit from this Instant Payments Settlement and other member services.

EasCorp’s technology subsidiary, Vertifi Software, provides an instant payments solution for the FedNow Service which manages the formatting and exchange of transaction messages on this payments rail. This payment processing gateway includes core- and application- specific adapters to integrate the FedNow Service with your core processor, digital banking platform, and other integrations.

For more information on EasCorp and Vertifi's Instant Payments Solutions, contact or call 781.933.9950.

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