ALM Professional Services

EasCorp's ALM Professional Services offer credit unions an efficient, convenient way to monitor and manage balance-sheet risk. Our program provides a flexible, scalable solution with powerful analytics and customized, comprehensive reporting - all at a reasonable cost. Services include:

ALM Modeling

At EasCorp, we believe that intelligent business decisions depend on two things: reliable information and knowledgeable decision makers. Indeed, we believe it so strongly that we built our very successful ALM Modeling service around this principle. Learn More

ALM Validation

EasCorp offers two types of ALM validation services, each of which is performed on a single project basis. If you would like an expert, outsider's view of your selected ALM modeling assumptions, we recommend the Model Validation Service. Alternatively, if you would like an independent test of the integrity of your credit union's ALM data handling and modeling, based upon a re-performance of calculations, we recommend the Model Validation Plus Service. Learn More

Financial Performance Reporting Service

EasCorp's Financial Performance Reporting (FPR) service is ideally suited for less complex credit unions. It is a concise, easy to read and actionable set of reports for both management and elected officials, with a special focus on recent and historical financial trends, and peer group comparisons. Learn More

Because EasCorp is owned and operated for the exclusive benefit of credit unions, we have an intimate knowledge of credit union regulations and exam standards, and are uniquely positioned to provide support that is second to none.