Check Processing Services

Image Cash Letter Processing Services

Vertifi's Image Cash Letter (ICL) processing services include Share Draft Processing, Branch Capture, and Check Collection and are designed to save you money, enhance your market share, and enable you to display a modern, high-tech image.  Let Vertifi manage all your check processing activities. Learn More

Corporate Checking Accounts

Vertifi and EasCorp provide checking accounts with automated reconcilement reports, positive pay features, online access for copies of paid items, ad-hoc reports, and monthly statements.

  • Vertifi's On-Us Checks program enables you to issue checks bearing your credit union's name and routing and transit number. Learn More
  • EasCorp's Official Checks program provides an easy-to-administer account for all of your credit union's disbursement needs— including money orders, club accounts and cashier's checks—and are drawn on EasCorp's routing and transit number. Learn More

DeposZip® (Remote Deposit Capture)

Vertifi's proprietary remote deposit capture system, DeposZip Desktop and DeposZip Mobile, enables members to make deposits from the comfort and convenience of their home or office by capturing check images from scanners, as well as from literally anywhere else using cell phones or tablet devices. Learn More