Branch Capture

Branch Capture enables financial institutions to scan checks received at branches, through the mail, or at ATMs, and transmit them via Image Cash Letter (ICL) for collection.

Branch Capture offers a variety of tools to ensure that check images meet all industry standards; image quality tests are performed on each image before transmitting the file for processing. Optional usability tests can be run to analyze key components including signature, payee, and date fields. All MICR data is collected during the scan with courtesy and legal amount recognition (CAR/LAR) software detecting the amount written on the check, eliminating the need to enter data by hand.

You can easily repair any errors in the MICR data using Branch Capture's on-board tools. Once the check images are verified and balanced, Branch Capture then formats the images into files using the industry-standard X9.37 format, which are uploaded to Vertifi for processing.

Branch Capture can quickly and easily identify over-the-counter drafts and mark them for settlement and posting or as "archive only" items. If you work with subsidiary financial institutions, those subsidiaries can automatically be tagged as the Bank Of First Deposit (BOFD) when the checks are scanned.

You can view all check images submitted in the last 90 days from within the Branch Capture software or view archived check images in portable document format (PDF). The archive feature makes it easy to export items for local network storage, or to CD/DVD, for later research. Recap and detail reports provide simple tools for balancing. All activities are logged in the Branch Capture system and stored in detailed archival reports which can be used for audit purposes.