Daily Transaction Account

EasCorp's Daily Transaction Account is used for the settlement of all debit and credit transactions, including but not limited to share drafts, cash letters, official checks, money orders, credit card, ATM and ACH transactions, wire transfers, securities trades, coin and currency transactions, as well as vendor payments.

Our secure, Internet-based account management system, Ease-Link, enables you to transfer funds and monitor your Daily Transaction Account in real time throughout the day for cash management purposes, and it may be used to obtain an advance from your EasCorp Open-end Credit account to ensure ready availability of funds.

The Daily Transaction Account is provided with flexible "sweep" features that enable you to transfer a fixed or variable amount of money, automatically or manually, each afternoon to one of several high-performance overnight investment accounts offered by EasCorp. Funds are automatically swept back to your Daily Transaction Account each morning, providing you the optimal mix of return and convenience.

The Daily Transaction Account may be used to offset Regulation D Reserve Requirements.