Electronic Statements (eStatements)

Vertifi's eStatements service provides cutting-edge statement delivery technology that enables you to deliver electronic statements directly to members. With eStatements, your members receive statements more timely and you experience significantly-reduced statement production costs.

Members receive e-mail notification when their statements are available—within minutes after your statement files are processed. eStatements are delivered in portable document format (PDF), allowing for easy archiving and flawless printing.

With eStatements, you may choose from a stand-alone or an integrated option. With the stand-alone option, members access statements via a separate login. The integrated option enables them to access statements through home banking. In both cases, Vertifi manages registrations and automatically determines which statements are created for electronic delivery and which are created for print delivery. eStatements web pages are customized to your credit union's specifications, allowing you to maintain the look and feel of your current home-banking site. If you need to make text or graphics changes, you can do it yourself, easily and in real-time.

With Vertifi's optional Statement Archive Tool (VSAT), your administrators can download check images of both print and electronically-delivered statements, in bulk, and store them locally for historical reference. This reduces your dependency on outside parties for long-term control of the data.