Official Checks and Money Orders

EasCorp's Official Checks program provides easy-to-administer accounts for all your credit union's disbursement needs, including money orders, club accounts, and cashier's checks.  Credit unions can establish as many sub-accounts as needed to control each type of disbursement or issue location.  Separate reports are generated for each sub-account.

EasCorp intercepts check presentments from the Federal Reserve, clearinghouses, and other endpoints on your behalf and processes the presentments, performing full account reconciliation.  Any stop-payment items are immediately identified and returned.  Our secure online systems also enable you to maintain stop payments, generate ad-hoc reports, and view monthly statements.

The positive pay feature is a free security enhancement that helps detect potentially problematic checks on a daily basis.  EasCorp generates an e-mail notification each day, listing any Paid/No Issue (PNI) items received the prior night that do not have a corresponding issue on file.  This notification provides your staff the opportunity to identify any possible checks in transit, checks with coding errors, or fraudulent items.