Instant Payments Academy

EasCorp's Instant Payments Academy is designed to prepare credit unions for FedNow® and Instant Payments.

Your journey begins with knowledge.

Your instant payments knowledge begins with the Instant Payments Academy.

The Instant Payments Academy is a series of four educational courses that ran from January through March 2023 and were designed to better enable credit unions to participate in instant payments and the FedNow Service. Recordings of these programs are currently available to EasCorp members and clients of its subsidiary Vertifi Software and can be made available to the public upon request.

Benefits of the Academy

Whether your credit union decides to be an early adopter of FedNow or chooses to implement later, the Instant Payments Academy will help guide your credit union to:

  • Better understand the instant payments landscape
  • Make informed strategic decisions about the adoption and implementation of the service
  • Determine how you will deliver instant payments to your members
  • Gain insights into innovative payment services
  • Recognize the use cases and opportunities of instant payments
  • Empower your organization to move quickly
  • Identify new compliance, risk, and operational considerations
Topics covered include:
  1. The foundations and function of instant payments
  2. The use cases for instant payments
  3. Business case, risk management, and fraud
  4. Operations and implementation

To learn more about EasCorp and Vertifi's Instant Payments Solutions, contact:

Michael O'Brien