Print Statements

Vertifi offers comprehensive statement production and mailing services for monthly, quarterly, and tax statements, featuring duplex printing, and timely and accurate handling. Statements are customized to your specifications, enabling you to maintain a consistent look and feel across external communications. At your option, statements can be printed on a stock or custom form.

Vertifi also enables you to send check image statements, which are produced with 10 or 18 images per page, variable at the account level.

Vertifi will enclose up to three inserts each statement cycle at no additional cost. If you prefer to target your inserts to specific accounts, our custom programming services can accomplish that goal in several ways.

Consider using Vertifi for your notice printing needs as well. We print and mail a variety of ancillary notices including payment, CD maturity, and past due notices, to name just a few.

All statements are optically encoded for efficient, automated handling and more timely delivery to members. Vertifi's delivery standards are among the most demanding in the industry.

With Vertifi's optional Statement Archive Tool (VSAT), your administrators can download check images of both print and electronically-delivered statements, in bulk, and store them locally for historical reference. This reduces your dependency on outside parties for long-term control of the data.