Vertifi's proprietary remote deposit capture system, DeposZip Desktop and DeposZip Mobile, enables members to make deposits from the comfort and convenience of their home or office by capturing check images from scanners, as well as from literally anywhere else using cell phones or tablet devices. Streamlined user registration and real-time posting capabilities make for the ultimate, satisfying end-user experience.

DeposZip is fast and safe. The robust registration platform provides you complete control over who can and cannot use the service. Risk management tools are configurable, enabling you to balance risk and automation in a way that works best for your credit union, including:

  • Per-deposit, per-day, and rolling 30-day limits
  • Automatic flagging of large deposits
  • First n deposit reviews for new users
  • Configurable risk profiles for the immediate above

In addition, Vertifi performs duplicate item detection across this and other deposit channels.

Patented technology ensures that all check images obtained from phones and tablet devices are fully usable and meet industry standards before submission, reducing deposit problems for members and processing time for your staff.

Built-in reports enable you to monitor administrative activity, statistical information about your users, and deposit history information.

What's more, Vertifi provides you all of the flexibility for handling check clearing, including self- or Vertifi-administered file delivery to the Federal Reserve Bank or private exchange of your choice.

As the first commercial provider of remote deposit capture services to financial institutions, Vertifi has the experience, technology, and know-how to support this necessary and strategically-important deposit channel.

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