Security Safekeeping

Basic Security Safekeeping Program

EasCorp's Basic Security Safekeeping Program provides safe, convenient, and efficient safekeeping and settlement for credit union-owned securities. The program is designed especially for credit unions, taking into account delivery and custodial policies required by regulators. As a user of EasCorp's Basic Security Safekeeping Program, you are provided monthly transaction history reports detailing all activity, and monthly safekeeping reports, including individual descriptions of all securities, their CUSIP numbers, security types, coupon rates, and current par values. In addition, daily payment notices are delivered to document the details of each transaction. Other benefits of the program include:

  • Delivery versus payment settlement
  • Physical and book entry handling
  • Automatic settlement to a dividend-earning account
  • Qualified collateral for EasCorp's open-end loan programs
  • Immediate delivery of reports via Ease-Link

Enhanced Security Safekeeping Program

EasCorp's Enhanced Security Safekeeping Program provides you the information that is necessary to assess risk/reward relationships and to make sound investment decisions. In addition to the features in the Basis Program above, these include:

  • Market pricing of your portfolio each month
  • Purchase and sale price comparisons
  • FAS115 summary reports